Jadeveon Clowney Scouting Report


Jadeveon Clowney


Elite athlete. The Calvin Johnson of defensive ends. Has more than ideal size and freakish athleticism. Tremendous strength. Very quick off the snap. Can overpower tackles with raw strength even if his leverage is poor. Has a good speed-rush and uses his lateral agility to knife through blocks. Has a good swim move. Is simply too quick for lineman and gets into the backfield before then can get their hands on him. Does a great job of getting his arms up and blocking passing lanes when he can’t get there with the rush. Has lined up at various positions and can rush from all stances.


Can stand to improve his hand usage to get off blocks better. Has to fight to win the leverage battle every time due to his height. Has huge questions about his character. Seems to take plays off and was poorly conditioned to start the season. Doesn’t always play to the whistle. Motor runs hot and cold. Statistically regressed hard in 2013. Many concerns surrounding him off the field.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Pass Rush: 4.5
Strength: 5.0
Quickness: 4.5
Point of Attack: 3.5
Tackling: 3.5
Intangibles: 1.0

Verdict: Meh

I think we all know the story by now. Elite prospect but comes with character issues. To me, you simply can’t pass him up because he is that good of a prospect. He’s like J.J. Watt but a better overall athlete, and J.J. is one of the best defensive players in the league. You can’t pass on that. However, a team is going to really really really have to do their homework on him. The thing that is concerning is that he is not comparable to someone like Dez Bryant. While Bryant had trouble with the law, he gave it his all on the field every time no matter what. Clowney doesn’t, and that’s when you really have to ask yourself if he’ll quit once he signs his contract.

Grade: 1st Round


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