Jimmie Ward Scouting Report


Jimmie Ward


Athletic safety who runs like a corner. Very smooth in coverage and occasionally lines up as a nickle corner. Has good range in the secondary. Does an excellent job of reading the quarterbacks eyes and recognizing routes. Has excellent ball skills to break up passes and shows good hands to make the interception. Takes good angles and does well in keeping contain. Generally a secure tackler.


Undersized and looks more like a corner than a safety. Very passive in run support and doesn’t look eager to jump into the pile. Lacks strength as a tackler and bigger backs can run through him to pick up a few extra yards. Struggles to shed blocks to due size and strength limitations. Limited as a free safety only.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Athleticism: 4.0
Instincts: 3.5
Coverage: 4.0
Run Support: 2.0
Ball Skills: 4.0
Intangibles: 2.5

Verdict: Meh

Jimmie Ward might be the best coverage safety in this class but he offers little in terms of run support. However, it’s easy to love his play-making abilities. He reminds me a lot of Nate Allen coming out of USF. I was a big supporter of his but he’s turned out to be kind of a bust. Perhaps things will be different for Ward at the next level.

Grade: 3rd Round


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