Bradley Roby Scouting Report


Bradley Roby


A tremendous athlete who has the speed and fluidity to develop into excellent corner. Routinely runs down plays and has a great burst towards the football. Great at playing the ball when the play is in front of him. Comes downhill and gets his hands in the way of the catch. Shows the ability to turn and run with any receiver in man coverage and can be aggressive in coverage. Very comfortable in zone and shows good awareness at times. Not afraid to make hard contact in the running game.


Had a poor year in 2013 when compared to 2012. Seemed to play with a much more passive mentality. Didn’t play the run as well and seemed content with letting his teammates make the play. Poor tackler who launches himself at ball-carriers too often leading to missed tackles. Can be slow to react to routes or the run game. Struggles to get off blocks. Has difficulty guarding bigger receivers who can effectively box him out. Slow at finding the football when he has to turn and run. Less comfortable in coverage the further he is down the field. Will occasionally get grabby when in man-to-man coverage. Was charged with disorderly conduct before the season and suspended 1 game. Was ejected for launching at a receiver against Iowa.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Athleticism: 4.5
Instincts: 2.5
Man Coverage: 2.5
Zone Coverage: 3.0
Run Support: 2.0
Ball Skills: 2.5
Intangibles: 2.0

Verdict: Meh

I can see why some can fall in love with Roby because of his physical skill-set. He is a tremendous athlete but lacks polish to his game. He has a lot of work to do to improve but ultimately, if he works hard at his craft, he can develop into a great corner. He’s a bit of a project and sometimes these project players never truly develop. He reminds me a lot of Chris Houston who came into the league with a tremendous physical make up but struggled in his first few years. Since then, Houston has developed his ball skills and ability to locate the football and has turned into a pretty solid corner for the Lions.

Grade: 2nd Round


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