Derek Sherrod Scouting Report

Derek Sherrod

Height: 6’5
Weight: 321
College: Mississippi State
40 Time: 5.18
Class: Senior
Projected: 1st-2nd Round


Derek Sherrod is a pretty good prospect who can be a solid LT at the next level. He has a good natural bend and he’s athletic enough to play LT. He’s not a powerful guy but he gets the job done in the running game as well. He just has to be more consistent throughout a game. Sometimes he lunges, other times he gets to high out of his stance and doesn’t move his feet as well. If he overcomes these issues he’ll be a good player.

Scouting Report:


– Great size with long arms
– Has a lot of starting experience
– Athletic with good mobility
– Possesses a good natural knee-bend
– Has a quick first step
– Gets a good push when he stays low
– Smart player
– Understands and takes proper angles to seal off his man from the play
– Does a good job of picking up the blitz
– Looks good at the second level showing good mobility
– Does a good job of cutting LB’s
– Would fit well in a ZBS
– Has the potential to be a solid LT
– Team leader
– High character player


– Has a tendency to lunge into blocks
– Gets off-balance and then is forced to recover
– Not a powerful run blocker and won’t be a road grader
– Whiffs on blocks in the open field because he lunges
– Gets lazy with his feet at times which makes him susceptible to counter moves
– Sometimes comes out of his stance to high and he can get knocked back
– Doesn’t have a great mean streak
– Has to be more consistent snap-to-snap
– Overall technique needs some work

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Strength: 3.0
Pass Blocking: 3.5
Run Blocking: 3.5
Footwork: 3.5
Technique: 3.0
Mobility: 4.0
Mean Streak: 2.5
Pro Potential: 3.5


One Response to Derek Sherrod Scouting Report

  1. I’m a big Sherrod fan, think he compares favorably to Saffold. Will be a great value at the end of Round 1.

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