Blaine Gabbert Scouting Report

Blaine Gabbert

Height: 6’5
Weight: 235
College: Missouri
40 Time: 4.70
Class: Junior
Projected: 1st Round


2010 – 301/475, 63.4%, 3186 yards, 6.7 YPA, 16 TD’s, 9 INT’s
2009 – 262/445, 58.9%, 3593 yards, 8.1 YPA, 24 TD’s, 9 INT’s
2008 – 5/13, 38.5%, 43 yards, 3.3 YPA


Blaine Gabbert could be the first QB drafted this year. He’s got a lot of the things you look for in a franchise QB but he does have some question marks (almost all of the QB’s this year do). His pocket poise is poor and he struggles when pressured. His footwork needs work, especially his drop back mechanics, and he needs to spend a lot of time in the film room and making sure he goes through his progressions. He’s got potential, but he has to put in the work. Reminds me of Sam Bradford. For what it’s worth, I didn’t think Sam Bradford would have the success he’s having.

Scouting Report:


– Prototypical QB size
– Good athlete
– Good arm strength
– Puts a lot of zip on short and intermediate passes
– Can throw the deep out
– Throws timing routes well
– Accurate on short and intermediate routes
– Has a quick release
– Can tuck the ball and run
– Decent speed
– Keeps his eyes down field when scrambling
– Throws well on the run
– Does a good job of throwing the ball where only his guy can get it
– Good leader
– Smart player


– Only a 2 year starter
– Stats regressed his Junior year
– Plays in a goofy spread offense
– Rarely goes under center
– Footwork needs work on his drops
– Isn’t asked to go through a lot of reads in his offense
– Needs to do a better job of throwing the ball away when no ones open
– Accuracy is inconsistent due to footwork issues
– Terrible pocket poise
– Will scramble and get happy feet in a perfect pocket
– Struggles with the deep ball
– Will take time to adjust to the NFL

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Arm Strength: 3.5
Accuracy: 3.5
Mobility: 3.0
Decision Making: 2.0
Mechanics: 2.5
Pocket Awareness: 1.0
Intangibles: 4.0
Pro Potential: 4.0


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