Jake Locker Scouting Report

Jake Locker


Height: 6’3
Weight: 230
College: Washington
40 Time: 4.55
Class: Senior
Stock: –
Projected:  1st-2nd Round


2010 –  184/332, 55.4%, 2265 yards, 6.8 YPA, 17 TD’s, 9 INT’s, 385 rushing, 6 TD’s
2009 – 230/395, 58.2%, 2800 yards, 7.1 YPA, 21 TD’s, 11 INT’s, 388 rushing, 7 TD’s
2008 – 50/93, 53.8%, 512 yards, 5.5 YPA, 1 TD, 0 INT, 180 rushing, 3 rush TD’s
2007 – 155/328, 47.3%, 2062 yards, 6.3 YPA, 14 TD’s, 15 INT’s, 986 rushing, 13 rush TD’s


Jake Locker enters the season as the unanimous #1 QB in the draft class. Many people project him to go 1st overall if that team needs help at QB. He definitely has the potential to be a franchise QB. He is the leader of a below average and he doesn’t stop till the final whistle blows. He will have 2 years under his belt in a pro-style system which has helped him become a much better QB. He has shown a lot of improvement but he still needs to get even better in some areas. His biggest area to work on is his footwork. It is far too often inconsistent and it leads to some terrible throws. He also has to get better at throwing the ball away. Too often he tries to force throws and make plays for his team so he can win. I can understand his frustrations but that will not work in the NFL and he has to change that mind-set. He does have outstanding athleticism and a great arm. If he continues on and improves like he did last year, he should be a heck of a QB.

Scouting Report:


– 3 year starter
– 2 years in pro-style offense
– Leader of below average team
– Great numbers in Pac 10, on a bad team and in pro-style offense
– Great athleticism
– Great size
– Strong arm
– Capable of making every throw
– Quick release
– Good job of staying in the pocket and stepping up
– Will take a hit in the pocket
– Throws well on the run
– Does a good job of keeping eyes downfield when scrambling and avoiding the rush
– Flashes great accuracy
– Has worked hard to become a better QB
– Can make people miss in the open field


– Inconsistent footwork which = inconsistent accuracy
– Struggles when pressured
– Needs to do a better job of going through his progressions
– Misses some open throws because of bad footwork
– Forces a lot of throws
– Tries too hard to make plays to help his team
– Needs to do know when to throw the ball away or tuck it and run
– Needs to continue to improve

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

Arm Strength: 4.0
Accuracy: 2.5
Mobility: 4.0
Decision Making: 2.0
Mechanics: 2.5
Pocket Awareness: 3.0
Intangibles: 4.0
Pro Potential: 4.0


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